Cat Tales… Meow :)

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of illustrating ‘Cat Tales’ for Quiller Publishing. Cat Tales, edited by Tom Quinn is a book of endearing, eccentric and extraordinary true stories all about cats. Meow 🙂 As a cat lover (albeit without a cat of my own) I had a lot of fun illustrating this book, […]

Birds in the Park… Illustration

A recent illustration inspired by watching the wildlife in my garden and surrounding area. Birds in the park… This particular species of bird grows to a colossal size. The large powerful beak has rows of curved, barbed teeth and a long wormlike, segmented tongue. It has multiple sets of pale yellow eyes and an excellent […]

Summer Solstice 2015 – Here comes Summer!

Today’s Summer Solstice marks the first ‘official’ day of Summer with longest day, so I thought it an appropriate occasion to share a recent illustration of mine… here’s to a superb Summer with lots of nice sunny weather, barbecues and all the summery joys that nature brings 🙂 Clearly not all of us are so […]