Cat Tales… Meow :)

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of illustrating ‘Cat Tales’ for Quiller Publishing. Cat Tales, edited by Tom Quinn is a book of endearing, eccentric and extraordinary true stories all about cats. Meow 🙂 As a cat lover (albeit without a cat of my own) I had a lot of fun illustrating this book, […]

Birds in the Park… Illustration

A recent illustration inspired by watching the wildlife in my garden and surrounding area. Birds in the park… This particular species of bird grows to a colossal size. The large powerful beak has rows of curved, barbed teeth and a long wormlike, segmented tongue. It has multiple sets of pale yellow eyes and an excellent […]

Happy St David’s Day!

My newest Welsh dragon hatchling, starring in his own video… Happy St David’s Day to all my Welsh friends!   Welsh Dragon © Nicola L Robinson 2016 My Welsh Dragon wants to wish you all a Happy St David’s Day! RAWR! Posted by Teeth and Claws on Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Year of the Monkey…

My monkey themed illustration to mark Chinese New Year 2016! Welcome to the Year of the Monkey, the fire monkey to be precise. Have no fear, these fiery little chaps aren’t harbingers of doom aka Wizard of Oz flying monkeys, they’re just pleased to be here and looking to spread a little mischief too… Once […]