My new black cat…

Cat illustration © Nicola L Robinson All rights reserved
Black cat card © Nicola L Robinson
I’ve got a new cat! I wish it were the furry, meowing, real kind of cat but it’s the next best thing for me, a new illustrated cat to add to my cat collection at Teeth and Claws!
I love black cats, I had originally intended to add one to my initial cat collection along with my persian, british shorthair and birman cats but it didn’t quite fit at the time, probably because black cats can be so many different breeds, and I was illustrating specific breeds at the time.
But no matter, the black cat is here now and given special attention as he is available as an individual greeting card and also as a set of 6 from my Teeth and Claws shops.
Blank inside like all my greeting cards for you to inscribe your own message…
Also available from my Teeth and Claws shops on Etsy and Folksy too!
 Also, by pure coincidence I discovered through the magic of twitter that today is Black cat appreciation day, so purrfect timing… with love and much appreciation to all the beautiful black kitty cats out there!