Dragon Coasters- Dragons for Tea, Coffee, Wine, Beer…

Dragon Coasters, Dragon Decor, Dragons Gifts © Nicola L Robinson
Dragon Coasters © Nicola L Robinson www.teethandclaws.co.uk

Very excited to finally have my new dragon coasters to share with you! It’s really nice to see my dragon illustrations on something other than paper- albeit another smooth flat surface but still. One day they will be in three dimensions…

I’ve designed these from scratch- making sure my dragons fit inside the circular confines of the coaster, no matter how wriggly they are, haha.

My studio now has a few of these scaly beasts dotted around hard at work protecting my desk and tables from coffee spills, tea drips and red wine rings…

If you’d like some of your own useful dragons for your home these are available directly from me in my Teeth and Claws shop, available individually and as a boxed set of 4!

Dragon Coasters by Nicola L Robinson

Also available in my Etsy Shop too – Teeth and Claws Etsy Shop – Dragon Coasters

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